About Wuplo. How it works

1. Install the app

We don’t need a lot of your data to get closer. Signing up will take a couple of minutes! Install the app and enter a name or nickname, a phone number, and a delivery address.
To ensure an easy and secure payment, we also need your credit card number. So please, enter it into your account.
Ready! Now you can shop on the website.

2. Make your shopping list

We already have almost everything you need, and the range of items will expand over time based on your wishes.
Greens, vegetables, fruit, dairy, meat, bread – read about a product, put it in a basket, and make an order with just one click! Soon you’ll receive a bag containing the freshest food in the city.

3. Track your order

After you’ve made an order, your shopping becomes our concern. We carefully choose and pack all the items on your list and send them to you with a courier. If your plans change, don’t hesitate to postpone the delivery, change the delivery address and check your order status.

4. Receive your package

The courier will deliver your order right on time! Please, check if all the items in the package are correct and enjoy your time saved with Wuplo!